Ike Versus the Sissy Trucks

via: http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickgage/4317687250/There is nothing that annoys me more than when someone doesn’t fully understand the capabilities of the vehicle they are driving. Most of the time, this is someone in a little sub-compact or compact car attempting to outrun a light with an underpowered four-banger with a ridiculously loud muffler.

However, there is a special class of people that drive trucks that have no idea what a truck is truly capable of. Rather than trying to do too much with their vehicle like the 17 year old attempting to redline a 20 year old Honda, they treat their trucks like a fragile delicate item that is just waiting to tip over or break at a moments notice.

Case in point, yesterday I drove Ike over to the home improvement store to get some more sprinkler parts and a few more bags of potting soil for the wife’s garden. I get over into the turn lane behind a full size 4×4 truck with off-road suspension. In the truck bed is a rented trenching tool that was being returned, that was well tied down (I’ll give him that). After going up the drive way and driving down to get to the parking lot, the guy is driving around 2 miles per hour, coming almost to a complete stop before every speed bump and drainage dip. Turns took what seemed like minutes, and ultimately the guy had trouble even parking in a spot without taking up to stalls.

"It is a light tractor ... a tow truck ... a pick-up ... and a mobile power unit - all available as a single dependable unit."

The entire time I was behind this guy I couldn’t help but think he has no idea what he is driving. Trucks are made to haul stuff and to do work. That’s why there is a truck bed. That’s why you have a body on frame constructed vehicle, and not a uni-body. That’s why you have a V8 with more torque than horsepower. Apparently, this guy didn’t get the memo.

Meanwhile, Ike zipped around (safely) the parking lot, made it over the speed bumps and drainage dips without tipping over, and carried the potting soil safely home in his bed. I even got a few people to hit the person next to them in the car to give Ike a look. A few thumbs up didn’t hurt either. While Ike may not be new, he still has the original Jeep soul. It was built with work in mind, and even after 60 years of use, continues to be useful. While he may end up seeing less work after the rebuild, you can’t help but see Ike and think “I could do that job with the Jeep.”

As the ad says “With its all-wheel drive and its all-season usefulness, the Universal ‘Jeep’ can go more places and do more things than any other vehicle.” Just as Toledo intended.

2 Responses to “Ike Versus the Sissy Trucks”

  • jhaggard Says:

    I love that you call your Jeep Ike. I am reading Ike’s biography (no the other one, President and General who also loved Jeeps) right now.

    • Kurtis Says:

      The previous owner told me a few weeks ago that when it was living on the avocado farm, the farm’s previous owner had two work vehicles, the Willys and a Toyota Land Cruiser. The farm’s previous owner named them Eisenhower and Yamamoto. I liked the name so much I just shortened it to Ike. 🙂