Adding a modern comfort

Today I did something that I finally realized I needed to do: add a cup holder.

Now I know what you might be thinking. A Jeep shouldn’t have a cup holder, it’s not the way Toledo intended it. Well, here is my defense. I like to drive Ike to and from work. Some mornings, I’ll stop at Starbucks and get a coffee before I go in. After spilling my coffee all over Ike, I decided something had to change.

So, I did a search and found that someone at 1942MB had already figured out the least invasive and most usable way to add one. So, I ordered a cup holder off of Amazon and installed it. I must say, it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it does a fantastic job. And since I didn’t need to do any modifications to the Jeep to get it installed, and it’s easily removable, this modification can carry through to my final restoration and the Jeep can still be considered “stock”.

At some point I’ll put the cup holders in the tool compartment, once I have a tool compartment to put it in, and that way I only have to pull them out when necessary.

Also, thanks to a good friend and his family, I got the original side view mirror arm welded up. After doing my sand blasting the other day I noticed that the arm had a crack in it where it meat the cowl mount. Now that it’s welded up, I can get it sanded again, primed, and painted. Once that’s done, I’ll also pull of the mount from the side of the jeep and get it cleaned, blasted, sanded, primed, and painted. I’ve already got the new mounting hardware, so I should be good to go with putting a useful mirror back on the side.

I purchased a “reproduction” mirror from a parts site online because the mirror head had a broken tension screw and wouldn’t stay put. So when the part came, I was sorely disappointed with the material, build quality, and the overall sturdiness of the part. Even the “mounting bracket” it came with didn’t line up properly with the existing holes in the cowl. So, I will restore the bracket like I did the arm, and then just use the new mirror head. It should have a much better overall result, I think.

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