Very little work

Due to a homework assignment for one of my Master’s classes, I wasn’t able to get much done this weekend.

That being said, I did get a bit done with starting the final clean up process before painting. The axle tubes are clean, and I was able to at least get the spicer-jointed axle shafts partially disassembled. The short axle shaft side came loose as expected, but the other half, not quite so much. I’m giving it a bit of time to sit while I think of how else to approach it. The good news is my frame is done, and I’ll be picking it up from the sandblast place on Friday.

2 Responses to “Very little work”

  • Joe Haggard Says:

    Sweet! Making progress. Won’t be long you will have a rolling chaise.

    • Kurtis Franklin Says:

      That will be awesome. I still have a few (or one big) parts order to place, and that pesky little part of getting the frame finished and painted. I’m starting to think this part is way more fun than taking it apart… aside from the higher costs 🙂