Oh yeah, I have a Jeep

A lot has happened since I last worked on Ike. The weather got unbearably hot. I got really into reloading ammunition. I found out I was going to be a father. I installed more storage in the garage. Oh yeah, and I’m going to be a father. That actually might have something to do with me not giving the Jeep any attention.

I’ve spent the last few months not working on the Jeep and instead focusing on other endeavors. Until today, and now I feel like I really missed out on the last few months of Jeep building time.

On top of getting paint on the transmission case, shifter cane, drive shafts, and other small parts, I started rebuilding the actual transmission. Using a few guides online, the way this thing goes back together is actually starting to come back to me. The task that seemed the most daunting was putting back the cluster gear and bearings. Rather than use caged bearings like the transfer case, the transmission uses free-floating needle bearings around a central shaft. That means that I had to build bearing packs, all four of them with 22 needle bearings each, inside a solid piece of metal that has a shaft and multiple thrust washers all holding it in place. It only took a few hours, but I have the whole bottom end of the transmission (the cluster gear, reverse idler, input shaft, and oil slinger) all set in the case.

The next step will be building the second and third gear cluster which I’m sure will take just as long if not longer to put together. Hopefully I didn’t lose any parts from the rebuild kit in the time that has passed since I bought it.

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