Dec 28 2011

New website host

If you are seeing this post, then you are being served from my new web host. After 4 years on GoDaddy, I finally got tired of the poor performance, awful control panel, and the constant attempt to up-sale me. Along with other things, it was just time to move. We’ll see how this host works out, but so far I’m fairly happy. Still a few things that need to be fixed, but for the most part, a very smooth transfer.

On another note, I was able to do some work on the rear axle over the last few days and now have it perfectly ready for differential oil and to be taken off of my bench. I also got a great number of parts for my birthday and Christmas, so that should help out with the work that is coming up. I’ll do another post once I finish the rear axle for good, and include all the details.