Fantastical Frame Floating Apparatus

You know when you set yourself a goal that is months from now with every intention of completing it, only to realize that months have gone by and you haven’t done anywhere near enough work to complete the goal? Yeah, that’s what I did with getting my frame done. I had wanted to spend the summer getting the frame completed and get the axles back on the Jeep before I started class again. Now that I’m 4 days from starting class and the frame is still bare metal, I figured it was time to get moving.

Being as indecisive as I am, I went back and forth between doing the frame painting myself versus having a professional do it. I spent so much time not deciding that I completely neglected to do anything one way or the other to finish the frame.

This weekend was the end of that.

After not getting a quote I was comfortable paying for a professional to finish my frame, I got to work figuring out how I was going to turn a normal suburban garage into a paint booth. After discussing the process with a few people that have done it online, the plan would be to hang the frame upside down from the ceiling of the garage, then use plastic sheets to contain any overspray. The major issue with this plan, is that I have a finished garage, so the studs are hidden behind drywall. On top of that, the drywall is spaced from the studs with steel strips that make it impossible to use a studfinder.

So, after making a few trips to the attic, I was able to get the areas marked for the ceiling hooks. I was also hoping to utilize pulleys to allow for easy change in the height of the frame if necessary while priming and painting. However, after putting the pulley system in place, I realized that the rope I was using had far too much stretch in it to be of any real use. It’ll do for slight height adjustments, but it just isn’t able to do what it needs to. If I were to do it again, Id’ get some natural fiber rope or do away with the pulley system all together, but for now it will do.


In addition to the frame apparatus, I also got the last coat of paint on the knuckles and spindles for the front axle. Can’t wait to get the masking tape off to see how they turned out. With the knuckles and spindles painted, I still need to get the hub assembly prepped and painted and I’ll be nearly ready for re-assmbly. I’m leaning towards pulling the axles from the parts Jeep to see if they are both Spicer style, and if they’ll be more cooperative to a new set of joints.

With those axel shafts, I should be able to get a new set of joints in them and start re-assmbling the front axel. It’s been long enough that I’m unsure if I already purchased all of the other parts for the re-assmbly or not. I know I still need the brake lines from the front and the frame rails as well as the master cylinder, but hopefully that’s all I’ll need to get the rest of it together. As much as I want this frame and brake system to be put together, I’m not looking forward to bleeding the brake system in the least bit. 🙂

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