Getting back to it

With my self imposed goal of having a rolling chassis before I start school up again in about a month, it’s time that I get back to working. With the extreme heat over the last few months, it’s been too hard to get motivated to do much of anything outside. Now that it’s cooled down slightly (97 instead of triple digits), I figured I’d get back to work.

Last weekend I got a few small things done. The holes for the rear crossmember have been drilled, and the leaf spring pivot hanger can now be attached to the frame. I also finished cleaning the knuckles and spindles today, and got those prepped and painted.

Next step is going to be getting the frame painted. I’ll be calling around to get some prices for the work. I had originally planned to do it myself, but with the heat not showing any signs of letting up, and since I haven’t painted anything like this before, I think I’ll let this one be done by a professional and stick to my smaller parts and pieces.

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