Starting year 3 with Ike

I can hardly believe that it’s been just a little over three years since I first brought Ike home from Temecula. It’s been a great three years, and now that I’m nearing 2.5 years in restoring him, my efforts are starting to actually look like something that can and will drive again.

After last weeks success in getting the intermediate gear and shaft pulled from the transfer case, it was time to get that pesky output gear cluster out. As I mentioned last time, the problem with continuing the removal is that the gear cluster is held together with a snap ring that prevents the whole thing from sliding apart. In order to get to said snap ring, I had to pull a bearing off of the front part of the shaft to expose the snap ring for removal. I was unlucky enough to have a bearing that didn’t want to just slide off, and instead required the creation of a special tool. Using a Chinese made hatchet and a 4″ grinder, I cut out an opening notch so that it could gently pry the bearing from the shaft. Shocker of shock, it actually worked like it should have!

With the output gear cluster out, and the final bearing race removed, the case was ready to be cleaned. Using a little degreaser and the pressure washer just about all the grease and most of the paint came right off. Unfortunately, the inside is showing quite a bit of buildup of some sort, so I’ll be looking at potentially taking it down to get dipped if I can find a machine/engine shop that will do it without charging me too much. While the case was drying, I used the wire wheel to clean the shifters, transfer case oil pan, inspection cover, and the parking brake lever. Due to the amount of build up on the front output cap, it’s getting a nice soak (as well as the front yolk) in the ammonia fumes over night to see if it can clean up a bit. If I get the main case dipped, I’ll take those parts with it to get done.

I’ve gone so quickly through this process, that I’m actually ready to put my next parts order in. I’ll replace a bunch of the parking brake parts, as well as the bearings, intermediate shaft, thrust washers, oil seals, and gaskets. I’m also going to need a new brake pedal since both of my candidates have actually worn through and resemble a neutral country’s namesake cheese then a solid brake petal. If I can get the case cleaned up, hopefully I can get it painted on Saturday and start putting it back together on Sunday. Don’t know if it will work out that way, but we’ll see.


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